Who I am

Maria Wilhelmsson, VoxImpact. Personal presence, voice and public speaking.


Hi, I’m Maria Wilhelmsson.  That last name reveals my Swedish origin, but Switzerland has been my home since many years.

I started singing as a teenager, loved it and decided to become an opera-singer.  After two years of full-time studies of singing, voice craft, music & drama, I wasn’t so sure anymore. Would I be able to make a living? What about all the other things I wanted to do in life? I went for the compromise: pursuing an M Sc in International Business Administration and languages while I continued singing and performing whenever I had a chance.

It wasn’t until after 15 years of working in business that I finally turned my passion into my profession. 15 years of exciting, rewarding and instructive positions in companies around the world: market analysis at the Swedish Trade Council in Madrid, key account management at Tetra Pak in Buenos Aires, corporate development at IMD Business School in Lausanne. Thanks to these opportunities, I learned a lot about business and people. It was a great observing ground for studying leadership presence and the difference between those who manage to influence others, and those who don’t.

These insights led me to create VoxImpact. In my work, I blend my knowledge of the voice and performing arts with my business and human experience to enable individuals to strengthen their professional and personal impact.

I am trained in a number of different voice and speaking methods. More about my formal credentials and experience here.

I believe that each human being has unique talents and a communication style that make up their personal presence. Rather than prescribing a particular voice or a gesture, I like to bring out what is personal and special, to reinforce what works, and to eliminate what doesn’t work.

Languages are another passion of mine and I work in Swedish, English, Spanish and French.