Voice training

Do you often get asked to speak louder or clearer? Have you been told that your voice sometimes goes monotone?  Do you think that your voice does not represent who you are? Would you like to have a more dynamic voice that inspires trust and confidence?

In a world where success relies heavily on communication skills, it’s crucial to have a voice that connects with people, makes them want to listen to you, and helps you influence them.

VoxImpact voice training helps you find your authentic voice and to use it in a powerful and expressive way.


Getting a great sound out of your instrument – your body

Voice training is about getting back to basics, undoing speaking habits that hinder your voice from functioning the way it is meant to. When we are born, our voices are strong, free and connected to our emotions. Over the years and as we adapt to social norms and expectations, we accumulate mental and physical blockages that render the voice less flexible and less colorful. Clenched jaws, shallow breathing, bad posture and a tense neck are only a few examples of blockages that hinder the voice from working effectively.

In voice training you will work with exercises to relax and align your body to set up the right conditions for the voice to flow freely.  As the voice is powered by air, you will also work with your breath and breathing from the center of your body. You will also exercise the natural resonators in your chest and face to get a bigger and richer sound out of your voice. In addition, you will learn to energize your voice by connecting with your purpose and desire to speak. All this is done through physical and mental exercises, sometimes using simple sounds and sometimes using a brief text or phrase.

Expect to be active, to be physical, to experiment, to be loud and to have fun!


“Making music” and conveying meaning

Speaking has a lot in common with music. When we speak, there is melody as well as changes in pitch (depending on mood and level of engagement), speed, volume, emphasis, and the tone of the voice.  All these variables can be used to get and keep the attention of your listeners, and to make sure that they believe and remember what you say.

At the end of the training, you will have vastly improved your ability to express yourself credibly, to impress and influence people every time you speak.

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