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The essence of your presence

by | Executive presence

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Personal presence can make a great difference to how we are seen by others and what we can achieve in our lives. Personal presence is tricky to define but easy to spot. We know it when we see it – in individuals who are confident and comfortable, who convey positive energy, and who connect with others.

In her book “Creating Personal Presence” Dianna Booher talks about four key components of presence:

– How you LOOK:  Your body language, handshake, movement, energy, and dress.

– How you TALK: The words you choose, the sound quality of your voice, and the way you use it.

– How you THINK and communicate your thoughts: How you organize ideas and information, what you decide to pass on or withhold, and how you frame issues.

– How you ACT: The attitudes, values, and competence your actions reveal.

All these things have an impact on other people and your relationships with them. What impact does your personal presence have on the people you care about in your personal and professional life?