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Speaking with energy and impact

by | Executive presence, Voice


Energy is a speaker’s greatest asset. No matter how insightful your message, how strong your personal conviction, how powerful your arguments – if your voice does not express energy and passion, you will fail to engage and convince your listeners.

We are not talking about manic energy, shouting and gesticulating wildly. Energy can also be transmitted through a quiet voice and with little body movement.

So how can you focus your energy to make your words have more impact on others?

First, you need to connect with your inner energy – your intention and your desire to communicate. This means being “switched on” and having a clear purpose. What if you have to talk about something boring that you cannot even get yourself excited about? Find some element or aspect of your subject matter that does engage you.

Second, get your physical energy going. Go for a brisk walk, move your limbs, do push-ups against the wall. Release your stomach muscles and breathe deeply, allowing your stomach to move in and out.  Your body will get oxygenized, which does not only help clear your mind, but also to manage tension and anxiety.

Third, let the vocal energy flow! Give your words a clear direction, visualizing how they physically touch your listener. Imagine each phrase as one long word and keep the sound flowing until the very end of it.  Articulate! Put your lips and tongue to work, giving muscle to the consonants and the vowels.

Let your inner energy cross the threshold to the outer world and reach your listeners through the vibrations of your voice!