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How can you make others look good?

by | Communication, Executive presence

Executive presence is not about impressing others, boosting your ego or being the center of attention.

Other people’s willingness to let themselves be influenced and inspired by you is closely related to how you make them feel and look in your presence. 

When you are able to shift the focus away from your own persona and shine the spotlight onto others, you will build stronger relationships and have more fruitful interactions.

  • First, be curious about others. Take genuine interest in them, ask questions, find out what brings them joy and what challenges they are facing.
  • Acknowledge them and their efforts, show that you notice and appreciate them. Give visibility and public recognition to important contributions.
  • In group settings, listen attentively to others and treat their ideas and opinion with respect. Use people’s names, refer back to what they said, lift their ideas and give credit where it is deserved.

What is your own experience? How have other leaders made you feel and look good in the past?

PS. This is not an encouragement to blanket praising everyone and everything around you. It’s about shifting your attention from your everyday busyness and noticing and recognizing the efforts of other people

Photo: Zornitsa Ivanova
Venue: Hôtel du Léman