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How to run effective & enjoyable virtual meetings

by | Executive presence, Virtual meetings

Effective and enjoyable video meetings

Virtual meetings don’t have to be second rate. They can be just as good – or even better – than face to face meetings. In this video, learn how to set yourself up for success by putting some thought and effort into your preparation.

In the second video, you will learn how to look and sound good in a virtual meeting. You will get tips on how to set up your “studio” with a calm background, the right camera position, and good lighting. The video also covers how to speak in a way that it’s easy to hear and understand you: Articulating, emphasising key words, using pauses, and being brief!

Time for the third and last video: Engaging your participants. In this video you will get tips on managing the energy, providing clarity, and involving everyone.

I wish you plenty of effective and enjoyable virtual meetings going forward! Would you like an individual online coaching session to improve your virtual meetings, or would you like me to run a group session for your team? I will be happy to hear from you!